Benalmadena Pueblo Guide


A walk around Benalmadena Pueblo

Including Map
If you've never visited Benalmadena Pueblo before, then you simply must put it on your list of thing to do for your next visit.There are various methods of transportation you can use to get here. The tourist train and red tourist bus both pass through the village, although the fares are more expensive. You can drive, and there are several car parks. The first one is on your left just before you enter the village. It is well sign posted and parking is normally free. However not everyone wants to drive, so the cheapest option is to catch the local bus. The fare is around €1.50 each way, and the following buses stop in the village. The M103, M112, and the M121, ( The 112 and 121 go on to Mijas Pueblo ).

There are just two bus stops in the Pueblo, one at the beginning of the village and the other at the end.  If it`s your first visit, and you`re not sure where to get off, then the first stop is the best place. On the way to the village you`ll see the old Benalmadena Bull Ring (A) on your right just opposite a small roundabout. Once you pass the Bull Ring give it a minute and then push the bell and the bus will stop at the first stop beside the taxi rank
(B). The bus stop for the homeward journey is on the opposite side of the road.

When you get off the bus, continue to walk in the same direction and you`ll pass several bars and shops on your right. A little further, also on the right, you`ll find the Benalmadena Archaeological Museum
(C), nestled between the Parador and Sinfo restaurants/bars. During the summer months of July and August there are often Flamenco evenings held outside the museum.

A little further on, use the crossing to cross the road, and turn left into the narrow street called Calle Real. If you stay on the main road about one hundred yards on the left you`ll find the Benalmadena Town Hall and Police station
(D). The Foreigners Department office is also in this building.

As you turn into the narrow street of Calle Real, a short distance on the left is Plaza de Andalucía
(E), a beautiful palm tree lined plaza. At the end of the Plaza there is an archway. Through the arch and to the right is Plaza del Alguail (F). The weekly Friday market is held in this area, and Plaza Alguail is also used for many traditional celebrations through the year.

Back on Calle Real, continue along the street and you`ll find some small local shops and several bars and restaurants. Calle Real will take you to the beautiful Plaza Espana
(G), which is the centre of the village. In the middle of the plaza is the bronze statue of La Nina, which has become the symbol of Benalmadena  On one side of the plaza there are three restaurants beneath the orange trees, and the La Fuente restaurant is facing them on the opposite side. These are all Spanish restaurants and are very popular with visitors. The plaza is a beautiful setting for either lunch or dinner or simply a drink and watching the world go by. Quite often a harpist plays outside the restaurants in the square.

Pass through the square with La Fuente on your right into Calle Santo Domingo. This street will take you to the church of Santo Domingo
(H). There are several nice restaurants just before the church. Pepe Meson on the right and El Muro on the left. El Muro has a back terrace from where there are fantastic views over the coast below.

There are fabulous views from the church and just to the left of the church you`ll find the Jardins del Muro
(I). Set in the middle of the gardens and out of sight from above is La Cupula Lounge. This is an outdoor restaurant / bar, only open in the summer months and again providing a beautiful setting for lunch or dinner.

If you go back to the church and walk back towards Calle Santo Domingo on the left hand side just before the first restaurant, you`ll find a lift. Go down the lift
(J), and there`s another small car park below. If you turn left and follow the road downhill and keep to the right you come to Colomares Castle (K). Just opposite the castle there is a road on the right which will take you to the Stupa (L) and Butterfly park (M). It is a long uphill walk, so if you don`t feel that energetic, the buses from the main village stops will also take you to those attractions.

On the way back uphill into the village, you`ll find La Perla restaurant on the left, again another Spanish restaurant in a beautiful setting. Any of the next few streets on your left lead to the Feria Ground
(N) where the August Feria is held along with many other activities at various times of the year. The Feria Ground is used as a car park the rest of the time.

Continue uphill into Avenida del Chorrillo, and you`ll find an abundance of bars on both sides of the road. There are some British bars in this area, Bar Chorrillo, Fredricks, The Bull Bar and the Pub in the Pueblo. The Longhorn restaurant and La Taperia de Benalmadena can also be found in this street. Continue on to the end of Avenida del Chorrillo, and you are back to the main road through the village, Avenida Juan Luis Peralta. Turn right at the traffic lights to go back towards the bus stop where you started.

Turn left and there are several more bars on your left, and also the village post office
(O) is down a side street on your left, just past Soprana`s (P) restaurant. There are also steps leading back down into the Feria ground from this point. If you stay on the main road it will take you around 20 minutes to walk to the Stupa and Butterfly Park, however there is another bus stop just opposite Soprano`s.

The village is quite compact, and there are several more narrow streets and hidden bars that we haven`t mentioned. Part of the fun is finding them. We hope you enjoy your walk.