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I just wanted you to know, I have visited Benalmadena pueblo about five times from my home in Canada. The last time was April and returned home May 20th and spent a wonderful four weeks. We have a daughter who lives in the pueblo with her husband and two sons, which gives myself and my wife a good reason to return.
But we’ve noticed especially this visit how much effort you people in Benalmadena pueblo have put in to improving the village. The latest improvement we’ve noticed is the road from Avda Juan Peralta that goes down towards La Perla restaurant. We noticed all the new brickwork and the parks opposite the elevator are new. You are obviously conscious and proud of how your village looks. I would go for my daily walk about 7 am and noticed workers busy cleaning up around there and throughout the village and spraying the roads with water to make them clean as the day begins. It’s something you don’t see in most places and just wanted to let you know it doesn’t go unnoticed. You have a beautiful village and should be proud of what you are doing. Congratulations to all concerned. Chris and Kathie M, Prince Edward Island, Canada. 25/5/2014