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Garment Care

Caring For Your One Tribe Apparel Harem Pants

All of the harem pants at One Tribe Apparel are handmade using local materials, traditional village techniques and 100% cotton, making them free-flowing and comfortable. This means that they need to be properly cared for, not just treated like your usual piece of clothing.

They must be hand washed and dried as using a regular washing machine or tumble dryer will shrink or ruin them.

Why do I need to need to hand-wash my pants? Because of their incredibly thin material, throwing your harem pants into a washing machine with your usual wash is not recommended, for fear of shrinkage and tearing. Your One Tribe Apparel garments should be classified as ‘delicates’.

Why do I need to shade dry my pants? A lot of care goes into crafting One Tribe Apparel pants, and that includes the creation of vibrant prints and hand stitching. Hanging these delicate garments out in the sun could cause the print to fade and lose its intensity. To prevent this, you can simply leave them to dry in the shade, out of direct sunlight.

But won’t that take up a lot of time? You’d think that it would take a long time for items of clothing to dry in the shade, but our pants are lightweight and made from super thin fabrics, meaning they will dry extremely quickly, even in the shade.

How To Hand-Wash & Shade Dry

You’ll need:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Detergent or soap for delicate items
  • Wash basin or bowl
  • A clean, white towel

Step 1. Fill up a clean bath, sink, wash basin or bowl with lukewarm to cool water. Hot water may shrink your garments or fade them, but cool water still has the ability to get stains out, just without causing any damage.


Step 2. Place the garments in individually and push them underwater until fully submerged. Pour in a small amount of detergent (refer to packaging for directions/exact amounts for the garment you intend to wash).


 Step 3. Leave the pants to soak for a few short minutes, but don’t ever forget about them! Delicate items should soak no longer than 20 minutes.


Step 4. This is where you’d think the rubbing and scrubbing comes in, but it doesn’t. There’s actually no reason to be rough with these items to remove dirt and stains. Instead swirl and swish them around delicately in the soapy water and untangle the legs if ever they get caught up.


Step 5. Next you should rinse your pants in clean water or in a different basin or bowl and fold and press them against the basin edge to remove excessive water. Don’t try to wring them out, as this will most certainly harm the fabric. Instead, lay them out to dry in the shade on a white towel – we promise you will be amazed with how quickly they dry!


Recommended Organic Laundry Detergents: Emma Laundry Soap by Eco-Me, Ecover Laundry Liquid Concentrate, Method Laundry Detergent in Fresh Air and Zum Clean Aromatherapy Laundry Soap.

What are the benefits of using organic washing power or liquid? It’s not often that we consider the pollutants that thrive in our laundry rooms, but when you do we’re almost certain you’ll want to look into using eco-friendly versions instead. When you study the ingredients list on the back of any ordinary detergent or soap, you will notice the word ‘surfactants’. The word ‘surfactant’ is not an ingredient and is in fact a reference to a number of different chemicals, many of which release benzene into the environment. Organic laundry detergent is free from chlorine, phosphates and other dangerous chemicals, and therefore is gentler on your delicates and on your health.

What other delicates need this type of care? Items with beading, sequins, hand-coloured prints or adornments.

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